Friday, December 9, 2011

DJ Jonathan Toubin

This morning I was really saddened to hear the news that dj Jonathan Toubin had been very badly hurt in a freak car accident, while sleeping in a hotel room in Portland.  Jonathan is not only one of NYC's best underground dj's, but he also is a very kind soul.  I first met him some years ago, and I really enjoyed the 45's he would spin. He was always very friendly when I would go up to the dj booth and talk music with him.  Many people in that scene would snub me, as I had a greasy pompadour and a 50's look, not the shaggy hair and tight fitting black pants that were de rigueur.  

I was shooting nightclub photos for Paper mag on a regular basis at that time, and always knew that Jonathan would not only have the best music, but the hippest looking rock kids as I started shooting his parties whenever I could. Paper loved the images I would give them, as they were really into the whole 60's-70's rock look that Jonathan's good looking crowd would wear to his events.  I was very happy to see his career as a dj progress in the last few years, throwing fun parties all over the US.

These are some of the images of Jonathan that i dug up in my nightclub archives today.  Jonathan would always ham it up for my camera, even though I could tell as a photographer that he was somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Jonathan will have to undergo many surgeries. Donations are being made through Paypal using this address:

We know you'll pull through this Jonathan..we need your djing!

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